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Indication of Architects and Engineers

The work starts in Architectural Design , previously developed by the customer. If necessary, the Saga assists in choosing and indicates professionals capable of translate to the role the client dreams .


Guidance on Project

Along with the architect , the Saga guides the customer about the project and about what he can expect from the work , ensuring tranquility and remedying any doubts .


Monitoring the approval of the Project

The Saga accompanies the customer in the project approval from the responsible agencies,solving doubts and being present in all the bureaucratic proceeding.


Estimated costs

From the project, which contains all the clients wishes , the Saga is a survey of all the costs of the work. The survey is done along the way providers need, ensuring transparency and avoiding unpleasant surprises.



With Saga of your project labor can be closed by the hour or by contract . All the services provided by third parties is also accompanied , ensuring total satisfaction.


Indication and Budget Materials

Experience makes Saga has a full supply chain and competent. The statement and the budget with these suppliers ensures the best cost -benefit ratio for your project .


Work of Monitoring

The construction schedule indicates all stages of the project with start and end dates. So you can have an overview of the progress of the work - as a stage depends on the other to happen. Weekly status of each step is updated with information and photos , thus ensuring full monitoring and delivery within the stipulated time .


Cash Flow

With a complete financial schedule is easier to plan the work according to your budget. The cost / month is calculated to ensure assertiveness and financial tranquility throughout the work .


Invoice control

The control of invoices is directly linked to the financial schedule and payments , which take place through Saga and provide more tranquility.


Payments to partners and suppliers

The Saga becomes liable to make payments to all service providers, avoiding overloading the customer with slips and financial disorders.



Saga with the financial part of the work does not involve work, only monitoring . Frequent reports update the client and ensure that he can think on what matters most : the work itself .


Help Documentation

Saga assists the customer throughout the administrative part of the work involving the legalization with the city , certificates of Federal Revenue and recording in the office competent.

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